Store Execution

HS&R focuses on the details to ensure success.

Retail is not a "one size fits all" environment. There are endless combinations of clients, customers, and product. The right approach is one that uses laser focus to monitor each and every detail of the brand, product, and customer base.

Here are a few of the many details that are part of the HS&R standards for retail:

  • Use of DBSS/No Scan Data
  • Product tag measurement
  • Product rotation and code date audits
  • Selling future promotional programs
  • Store level validation of pricing and display execution
  • Schematic integrity
  • Daily store level reporting to measure success and identify opportunities

Focused Retail Execution

Winning at Store Level

  1. Execution that meets the needs of our clients and customers

  2. Resources are focused against driving incremental volume

  3. Utilizing Store level reporting to measure success and identify opportunities

Actionable Measurement

Actionable Measurement

Execute what you can, where you can, when you can!

You can view HS&R's current category engagement here.

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