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Through incremental growth and vetted strategies.

HS&R is a Sales and Marketing Agency specializing in the Western U.S. with a passion for providing prescriptive solutions for Consumer Packaged Goods organizations that manufacture, sell, and market food products.

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We provide prescriptive full service sales and marketing solutions designed to deliver results.


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"Best in Class" team with a proven track record

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Key customer penetration at all levels

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A proactive, focused, solution based selling organization

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Focused on the Future (Technology and Succession)

Customer Success

"With shopping behaviors in 2021 largely shaping up as a continuation of 2020 trends so far, it's food and beverage categories that will continue to drive CPG growth online. Retailers delivering a positive experience and earning a shopper's trust throughout the process will gain the upper hand."
- Liz Buchanan, Head of NielsenIQ's North American consumer intelligence business



The Produce Centric Brands Are Represented Throughout The West.
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Our Partners

HS&R is committed to driving sales growth in the western US and the rest of the United States through our marketing partners. the specialists at HS&R are Western US specialists with deep rooted relationships and experience driving sales with our Retailer Partners.


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